Late Late show video online

Jonathan’s appearance on RTE’s The Late Late Show is now online. He’s looking and sounding fantastic!

I’ve added 28 screen captures from the interview to a new section of the Gallery for television appearances. If you have the ability to make quality screen captures from TV and are interested in helping with this section of the Gallery, please let me know. I’d love the help!

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  1. monsi says
    13 September 08 at 10:30am

    this link doesnt show the video do u know what site i can visit to watch it? thanks

  2. bnugg says
    14 September 08 at 10:10am

    Everything looks great!

  3. lydia says
    15 September 08 at 7:40am

    hi alyse, is it possible to give us a link to this interview…. from the rte homepage i can not receive it. i think i write in the name of many jrm-fans….. thank you… and i want to say to you, that you make a great job in the sake of jonathan rhys-meyers. and now i have another question to you. do you have any informations when “the children of huang shi” will start in german cinemas??? all german fans are waiting for this film…. thank you very much…. lydia from germany

  4. Alyse says
    15 September 08 at 9:46am

    Sorry about that! The video link is now in the post… :)

  5. Senka says
    17 September 08 at 2:31pm

    This interview is not in YouTube? It’s so weird none uploaded there yet, right? :/
    I cant watch it from that page either, it’d be great if it is posted there in YouTube soon!

  6. Laura says
    19 September 08 at 12:36pm

    Thanks for the video! He looks amazing, and i love hearing his natural accent.

  7. Liola says
    21 September 08 at 12:57am

    Thank You :)

  8. Gloria says
    15 November 08 at 2:35pm

    Hey, it’s audio for me I can’t actually see anything. Does anyone know why?

  9. Sylvie XXX says
    15 January 09 at 9:29am

    What a charming, nice interview.
    – JRM speaks so natural and honest.
    – Jonathan looks fantastic and unique.
    – He is eloquent and kind.
    – He is a gentleman!!!
    – He is magnetic and electrifying.
    -He is PERFECT.

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