Jonathan gives support to Cork City Football Club

Hollywood star gives his support to Cork City
Monday August 25th 2008

Following on from the great support and well wishes the club got last week, another Cork Celebrity has passed his good wishes on to the club. Cork actor and Tudors star Jonathon Rhys Meyers contacted the club on Friday before the game against Bray Wanderers.

Speaking to, Club Promotions Officer Stephen Ryan said: “I received a text Friday afternoon from Jonathan, and to be honest I was taken aback as the guy is a big star with him receiving a Golden Globe, appearing on blockbuster films, TV series and Hugo Boss ads. It’s great that he took time out to wish the players and staff well before the game on Friday.” Jonathon told Stephen: “please pass my message of encouragement to the team and club in this precarious time, but as strong willed Corkmen and fine sportsmen they will find the determination to overcome this period of adversity and flourish as they have always done. I’m sorry I can’t be there but my hopes for the team shall be good luck for now and for the future, Johnny Rhys Meyers.”

Source: Cork City Football Club, Shelia

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  1. Pedro Camacho says
    13 September 08 at 6:10am

    The Jonathan is fantastic!

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