Jonathan supports Hope fast

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers Supports HOPE
18th August 2008

The HOPE Foundations 24-hour volunteer fast was launched today by HOPE ambassador Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. HOPE, who work for the street children of Kolkata, are organising the 24-hour fast in conjunction with the National Day of Volunteering ‘Give it A Swirl Day’, which will take place on Friday the 26th of September 2008.

HOPE is encouraging everyone nationally to get involved, get sponsored and get fasting! The foundation is hoping to have over 2,500 people abstaining on the day for the abused and abandoned street children of Kolkata.

Taking a break from his work on The Tudors to support this worthwhile event, Jonathan urged people to get involved with the fast adding, “Together we can make a difference”.

He continued: “The support of the worlds children must be nourished and by doing so everyone will benefit.” HOPE is calling on all those interested to join them on the 24-Hour Sponsored Fast and help HOPE’s work with the most vulnerable in our society – the forgotten street children of Kolkata.

Maureen Forrest, Founder and Director of HOPE said: “Even when time is precious there are still ways to make a difference, by volunteering our services in the developing countries or here in Ireland. HOPE’s 24-hour fast is a great opportunity for everyone to volunteer – wherever you are! Whether it is at home, at school or at work.”

All money raised will go towards HOPEs projects, particularly in its fight against the most violent of crimes against children – child trafficking and child labour. Over 48,000 children go missing in India each year. HOPE fights for the rights of these forgotten children. With your help HOPE will be able to save more children from being trafficked, abused or killed.

To join the fast or learn more today log onto, call HOPE on 021-4292990 or email

The Hope Foundation is partnering with The Volunteer Centers Ireland for Give it a Swirl Day 2008 – the national day of volunteering.


Sources: Hope Foundation, tdonline

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  1. lydia says
    20 August 08 at 5:35am

    thats so great! every fan of jonny must support the hope foundation! and many other people round the world….jonny is a real famous star standing with both feeds down on earth. i love him!

  2. Pedro Camacho says
    20 August 08 at 9:02am

    The children are without a doubt optimum of the World and were contented for the Jonathan to be associated to a so noble cause.

  3. Liola says
    12 September 08 at 11:42am

    the best :)

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