Tudors season 4?

From the Vancouver Sun comes details about the future of “The Tudors”. Robert Greenblatt, entertainment president of Showtime says the series will likely last 4 seasons total. Currently, “The Tudors” is filming it’s 3rd season in Dublin. This would leave one final season to film next summer.

More details and possible spoilers after the jump.

Six wives, four seasons – The Tudors pick up the pace
Alex Strachan, Canwest News Service
Published: Monday, July 21, 2008

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – The Tudors will not last as long as Henry VIII had wives – six seasons, or one season for each wife – but it will come close.

The Tudors will likely last four seasons, Robert Greenblatt, entertainment president of the U.S. pay-TV channel Showtime said over the weekend.

The Tudors’ second season concluded on Showtime last month, and will air on CBC-TV in the fall. Last week, the sprawling historical saga that stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers as the 16th century King of England earned a pair of Emmy nominations, for its casting and costumes. CBC is one of The Tudors international co-producers.

Henry VIII had six wives. They were, in order, Catherine of Aragon (annulled), Anne Boleyn (executed), Jane Seymour (died after giving birth to Henry’s son), Anne of Cleves (annulled), Katherine Howard (executed), and Catherine Parr (outlived Henry).

“As we know, the wives are limited,” Greenblatt said. “The first two seasons we did feature a wife per season, but the story will accelerate a little bit after that. The third season will be the next two, Anne of Cleves and Jane Seymour.”

That would be Jane Seymour, the historical figure, and not Jane Seymour the actress.

“I love meeting people who think Jane Seymour, the actress, is in the show,” Greenblatt said. “They know nothing about history.”

The final season, Greenblatt said, “will be the final two wives.”

Source: Vancouver Sun

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  1. Pedro Camacho says
    27 July 08 at 9:22am

    I am very pleased that there is the session 4 because I love the series. And Happy Birthday to Jonathan.

  2. Yvonne says
    03 August 08 at 3:03pm

    Hallo !

    Beeilt Euch mal mit der Deutschen Ãœbersetzung des Buches The tudors!

    Ich bin am Verschmachten :)

    Ps tolle Fotos !Buy :)

  3. Yvonne says
    03 August 08 at 3:05pm

    Happy Birthday Dear J.R.M.

    LG aus FFM!

  4. lisa mary gilbow says
    03 August 08 at 6:42pm

    happy birthday jonnie love your work cant wait till season 3

  5. Samantha Boyd says
    31 August 08 at 11:33pm

    Is there a session three and if so whan did it come out?

  6. Susan Sugrue says
    18 March 09 at 10:48am

    I am from Youghal Co Cork Ireland and I love , love, love this series. I am so happy theres a fourth season………

  7. Debbie says
    06 May 09 at 12:36pm

    Edward and Mary’s reigns were politically active and scary, but on Showtime sex sells and their time was not that interesting in that area. If they just skipped a few years and jumped to Elizabeth they could show her relationships with Robert Dudley and Sir Walter Releigh–good drama there!

  8. kathy says
    20 February 10 at 8:23am

    carnt wait for the new series 4, it makes my heart jump a little faster! if henry looked like johathan, he would have had a 7th wife!!!! me! He’s perfect in everyway and his acting is truly brilliant

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