more Gallery updates

Added 27 new images to the Gallery from various old and more recent events. Jonathan has been busy. He attended the 10th Annual White Tie & Tiara Ball to benefit Elton John’s Aids Foundation and was recently in Paris for Fashion Week to support friend and designer John Galliano.

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  1. lydia says
    02 July 08 at 2:44pm

    thank you for these wonderful images. he is such a good looking man. pleas more!!!!! thank you for this wonderful fansite…. you are amazing!!!!

  2. Linda Horton says
    09 July 08 at 8:04am

    Jonny says he has no acting education, well he must be naturally brilliant. Gifted in music, singing, compassion and ofcourse good looks. I have watched The Tudors series 1 because we are so behind in OZ, August Rush and last week I went to see Children of Silk Road at the movies. I can’t wait to see some of the latest flicks. I wish he would visit Perth WA, a premiere or interview I would be there in a flash. I heard people that have met him say he is really down to earth and friendly. I suppose I will have to hope and see one day mayby. Another lonley housewife. Thank you johnathon for making my day. xxxxxyour love Guru

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