August Rush now on DVD

August Rush August Rush August Rush August Rush August Rush

“August Rush” is now available on DVD. There’s a few deleted scenes included on the disc, but unfortunately no other extras (apparently the Asian version of the DVD does contain some cast interviews). Two of the deleted scenes feature Jonathan’s character Louis. I’ve made and added 56 screen caps from the first deleted scene. More on the way.


  1. norma perez says
    22 March 08 at 6:55pm

    The movie really touched me. The end of the film left you the sensation of wanting more.

  2. Anne-Claire says
    23 March 08 at 12:04pm

    I wanted to know, Is Jonathan really singing in the film and in the soundtracks ?

  3. DebbieD says
    23 March 08 at 4:53pm

    AWESOME movie!! Wish this particular scene had been added, it would have fleshed out the movie beautifully.

  4. LaTrinka says
    04 April 08 at 8:23pm

    Jonathan is sooooooo cute

  5. Karisma says
    07 April 08 at 4:14am

    Where are you, Alyse???

  6. claire says
    07 April 08 at 9:58pm

    I love JRM .

  7. Chen Chieh Ning says
    16 April 08 at 7:57pm

    My kids, my hubby and I love “August Rush” sooooo much.
    We also noticed that some of the songs are singing by Jonathan himself. Dose he have any other album?
    We are living in Singapore, so far we have not found the DVD release here. And even the film is only sneak preview then no more in the cinema. Where can we get a copy of this film?

  8. lydia says
    21 April 08 at 2:12am

    whats the matter, is something wrong with jonny, his fans are waiting for news and new fotos. what are the new projects from him. i am so curious. sorry for my little english… greetings from germany…lydia

  9. EW says
    03 May 08 at 2:22am

    Good film and I like all the songs…

  10. Victricia says
    02 June 08 at 6:11pm

    I really love this movie and it combines musical and drama and it’s like a tale..who doesn’t like tale ? even I have watched many times..I still want it..the music in the concert really touches me..Jonathan is really a charismatic’s true…the songs are really awesome..however, I am not satisfied with the ending…

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