Jonathan’s acceptance speech

Thanks to the Irish Film & Television Network, here’s Jonathan’s acceptance speech at the 5th Annual Irish Film & TV Awards:

Also added 13 more images from the awards show to the Gallery.

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  1. Bronwen says
    28 March 08 at 9:03pm

    Hi there,
    Just watched August Rush. I have never noticed him in films before. i don’t watch Tom Cruise movies. Can’t stand him. I was VERY impressed by his vocals and acting. I applaud him for staying true to his roots and not being sucked in by Hollywood. I do hope to see him in more movies though. Congrats. PLEASE stay grounded!!! God has blessed u with multiple talents; u fitted in perfectly with the script of August Rush. I haven’t watched a movie in a long while that impacts me so positively. To end…I never email an actor’s site; I am just hoping u get to read some of the positive statements. I am sure it must become yawn, yawn after a while! But since I enjoy positive feedback myself I am passing on “WELL Done”. Tell Kerri Russel that too. Your entire cast actually!!

  2. Ada Cheng says
    29 April 08 at 8:28am

    This is my first time to post on any actor/acctress sites, it’s just not my doing.
    I have almost the same thoughts as Bronwen- staying true to his roots and not being sucked in by Hollywood and stay grounded- that’s the uniqueness of “who Jonny is”.

    I watched “Elvis” and impressed years ago (I know some Elvis impersonators and been many shows but Jonny is the one I was touched most heavily).

    Lately I watched “The Children in Haung-Shi”, I flet he took the role because he’s sentimental, not just an excellent actor; and then “August Rush”, I love him, he is hauntedly romantic.

  3. Emma says
    15 May 08 at 2:53pm

    hey well i second what the girls say – August Rush took my breath away, what an amazing film. and Jonathan- what a credit to Ireland!!

  4. Sherri Davis says
    14 February 11 at 12:02pm

    Hello Jonathan – I felt really blessed and honored to be able to have watched all 4 seasons of The Tudors! I have to say GREAT JOB to you and the rest, special shout out to Natalie Dormer as well. Sorry to see you all go but I had a blast!! ;^) Great writing, costumes, you name it. I guess we look forward to The Bourges coming soon. Also, if you haven’t seen this movie yet, please watch it – it is called “Dean Spanley”, starring some of your other great co-actors/friends. One day I would love to fly to Ireland – always have. Take care of yourself Jonathan – God Bless you – Go mbeannai Dia dhuit!

    ~A huge Tudor fan~

    P.S. – I watched you on August Rush, M.I. 3 and caught an old flick called “Telling Lies In America”. Looking forward to “Paris w/Love” ;^)

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