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More details about Jonathan’s involvement with the Hope Foundation. From the Irish Independent:

Meyers to be face of ‘Calcutta’ charity
By Ralph Riegel
Tuesday February 19 2008

AN IRISH charity last night celebrated securing Golden Globe winning actor, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, as its international goodwill ambassador.

The 31-year-old Cork actor has agreed to work with the Hope Foundation to highlight the plight of street children in India.

Hope — which was founded in Cork nine years ago — is now involved in a total of 57 different projects in India including ventures to help street children in Calcutta.

Rhys-Meyers will now work with the charity to highlight their work — and he is expected to visit India to record a special TV documentary on the Irish charity’s operations.

The Irish star — whose mother died tragically in Cork last year — is regarded as one of the world’s top young actors.

Despite being just 30, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers has already appeared in 35 major film and TV productions and is regarded as one of the world’s brightest acting talents.

The past 18 months has marked a dramatic ascent in the actor’s fortunes with a Golden Globe award, several critically acclaimed films and a starring role in the steamy British TV series ‘The Tudors’, playing King Henry VIII.

Last night, Hope official Maureen Forrest admitted they were thrilled with the support of Jonathan Rhys-Meyers.

“He is committed to visit Calcutta and to do a documentary in Calcutta with the children. He is terribly interested in children’s rights so he has spoken very positively about trying to highlight the problems with child trafficking and child labour,” Ms Forrest said.

“He is going to be in Ireland for the next four months so he has also said he wants to work with us as closely as possible.”

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