New Children of Haung Shi trailer and more!

What looks to be the official website for “The Children of Huang Shi” is now online with lots of new images and a new trailer!

Added many new images to the Gallery as a result:

If you have trouble watching the HD quicktime version of the trailer on the official website, there’s also a YouTube version:

Thanks to 8theenemy for posting that!

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  1. DebbieD says
    19 February 08 at 5:09pm

    WOW!!! I sorta halfway wanted to see the newest movie, but after that trailer I definitely want to see it! My hat’s off to JRM, he’s tackling some incredible roles…ones that may make a difference with these perspectives of view. Well done you!!!

  2. Pedro Camacho says
    22 February 08 at 12:10pm

    Uau! O Jonathan está super bem. Adorei este video e estou ansioso por ver este filme. Força Jonathan! Continua assim!

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