Hill of Tara protest interview

A great video interview of Jonathan by Vincent Salafia of TaraWatch about the Hill of Tara protest held last September was just posted to YouTube the other day:

Sources: Sheila, Hill of Tara Blog

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  1. eddie says
    29 January 08 at 7:43am

    please keep me up dated as i plan to make a visit soon

  2. Tara says
    13 June 08 at 2:59pm

    I understand that this is a fan site and not likely read by John, but I felt the need to comment on the preservation of nature and ones heritage. Urbanization has become like a rampant disease and it seems there are getting to be very few places left in our world for people to enjoy any natural beauty. I myself am not a political person either but I do have a strong belief in keeping areas of nature that are important to a country and it’s peoples history from being destroyed. In our ever increasing urban sprawl we will have nothing left to share with our children but concrete, skyscrapers, and man made noise. No places to go to say – this happened here and this what that means to you and me – no places to go to just listen to the wind, or the birds, or water – be it lakes, streams or rivers. My family still debates on our heritage. Some say Scots, some say Scot \ Irish. I just know, that for me I hope the MR3 doesn’t cut into the Hill – I hope to one day see it for myself in all it’s natural beauty.

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