Charges Dropped

Update on Jonathan’s airport incident from last month:

Charges against Rhys Meyers dropped
Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers has had the public order charges against him withdrawn by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

The charges stemmed from the actor’s arrest at Dublin Airport on 18 November, where he was accused of being drunk in public and behaving in a manner that was threatening and abusive.

Lawyers for the DPP said this morning at Dublin District Court that the charges would be withdrawn and Mr Rhys Meyers could be dealt with under the Adult Caution Scheme.

This scheme allows for an adult to be cautioned and means that the actor will not be convicted of any offences…

Charges dropped against Rhys-Meyers

Public order charges against troubled Hollywood star Jonathan Rhys-Meyers have been dropped before a court…

A solicitor for the Director of Public Prosecutions told Judge Angela Ni Chonduin the State did not wish to proceed with the charges, but would deal with the case through the adult cautioning scheme.

Michael Staines, solicitor for Meyers, accepted the caution on behalf of the Cork-born film star, who also offered to make a undisclosed donation to a charity, not named in court.

“My client, nonetheless, instructed me to say he absolutely accepts his behaviour was unacceptable and out of character,” said Mr Staines.

“He unreservedly apologises, in particular, to British Midland staff, to security staff and gardaí.”

Because no charges were brought by the State, Meyers escapes without any criminal record.

Sources: RTÉ, Breaking News


  1. Craig Repchick says
    07 December 07 at 8:47am

    I am happy for Jonny, he does not need any legal problems after the death of his mother. I cannot talk to Jonny, so I don’t know if he is depressed right now. He needs to get some help. His fans love him, so do his family. Jonny did not have any relationship with his father. So, he has no parents and he is still a young man. I feel bad for him and wish him well during the holiday season.

    Tampa, FL

  2. Em says
    13 December 07 at 10:03am

    Jonathan, You are a rare sparkling creature in this morass of two dimensional creatures. Do not let your inner demons win. Condolences on the demise of your mother

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