New project?

Jonathan is on the cover of the special holiday issue of Details Magazine. You can see a sneak peek at the interview and photoshoot on the Details website.

Mentioned in the interview is the first we’ve heard of an unconfirmed new project, Mandrake:

In January, Rhys Meyers begins filming Mandrake, a Chuck Russell—directed action movie about an escape artist who, working with the United States Treasury Service, uses his powers of illusion to fight crime. “[It’s] something I’ve been looking for,” Rhys Meyers says. “Playing Henry [VIII] was about having people see me as a lean, mean, testosterone machine, as an alpha male. [Mandrake] is a real, muscular, testosterone, up-on-a-wire action hero.”

Prior to this, the film adaption of this comic strip/books was set to star magician Criss Angel. No other reports or press releases yet have announced Jonathan as the lead.

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  1. Andreas says
    31 October 07 at 4:02am

    Criss Angel was never set to star as Mandrake, he is a tecnical consultant that may have a role in the movie aswell.

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