New event photos

Added new icons and images to the Gallery:

Lots more on the way…


  1. Ciss says
    22 October 07 at 5:08pm

    The ones by Kate are awesome!!

  2. Millie says
    23 October 07 at 5:08pm

    Johnny looks a bit older, but veeeery manly and sexy. So glad to see him and Reena Hammer together. They are such a beautiful couple.

    I took a course with Reena at Kings college a while ago. I think she graduated already. She’s so pretty in person and very smart too! She seemed so sweet and friendly and normal. Hard to believe she’s a millionaire heiress and has a movie star boyfriend, not just any movie star, it’s Johnathan Rhys Meyers!!!

  3. Bharti says
    01 November 07 at 8:28pm

    that’s really cool! I’m glad she’s a normal gal! Plus she represents my south asian peeps!lol

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