Jonathan Rhys Meyers
By Helen Whitaker
InStyle, October 2007

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Those eyes, that accent… If anyone can make Henry VIII sexy, this Irishman can. We do our best not to lose our head over the 30-year-old star of The Tudors.

You were brought up in Cork, moved to London and now live in LA – where do you call home these days?
“LA. I’ve owned a house there for seven or eight months. It’s a very peaceful place, although it’s not the most spontaneous city. That’s what I miss about London.”

You portray Henry VIII as an athletic, sexy guy and you’ve also been in action-blockbusters Alexander and Mission: Impossible III. Do you enjoy all the rough and tumble?
“Certainly – swashbuckling, fencing, horse riding, whatever you have to do. It’s interesting to live that life, and with the help of stuntmen, you look cool doing it. You can show someone a DVD of one of those films and be, like, ‘Check me out!’, even though it’s actually the stuntman.”

Describe a typical off-duty outfit.
“Belstaff boots,jeans, Hugo jacket and a shirt. I like wearing kind of expensive clothes in a non-expensive way.”

Who influences you style-wise?
“I think Johnny Depp has an interesting style. He always looks a little bit hippie, but it’s six or seven grand’s worth of designer clothes that he’s being very hippie with. He’s got one T-shirt that I really, really like and I can’t find it anywhere. It’s got four Native American guys with shotguns on the front of it and it says ‘Homeland Security’.”

And what’s your grooming regime?
“I stumble to the bathroom, because I get up at 6.30am. And I stand in a cold shower and brush my teeth. My morning regime is me leaning against the tiles half asleep, with an electric toothbrush in my mouth.”

Have you had any style disasters?
“I saw a picture of myself taken ten years ago when I had really long hair and I looked like a girl – that was kind of cringe-worthy. I was wearing a nice tweed jacket actually, but, you know, I still looked like a girl.”

Do you buy clothes for girlfriends?
“I like shopping, but not for me – I like shopping for women’s shoes. I’m not with my girlfriend [Reena Hammer, daughter of Ruby] any more, but I went with my brother’s girlfriend last Saturday. I bought her a beautiful pair of Gucci wedges and some Jimmy Choo Roman-style sandals. Good shoes are really noticeable. I like Louboutin, Fendi, Sergio Rossi…”

You’re the perfect boyfriend! What about your own wardrobe – what’s your most treasured possession?
“A pair of Fifties cowboy boots that are black and red with donkey pulls. I saw them in a shop in New York and was wearing a jacket my friend Anna Sui had made for me at the time. I went to pay for them and my credit card bounced – not unusual- so the guy said, ‘I’ll give you the boots if you give me the jacket’, but I couldn’t. The next time Anna said she was coming over to London, I said, ‘I found this pair of boots, but I had no dough. Could you pick them up for me and I’ll give you some money?’ And she did.”

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is the face of Hugo XX and XY. Both are available nationwide.


“XY [£25] is a very young, urban fragrance and the female version XX [£26; both available nationwide] smells great on a woman.”

“I like the Kings of Leon, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Damian Marley, Imogen Heap. The last thing I downloaded was Sinead O’Connor’s first album The Lion and the Cobra.”

“I’m reading The Last Duel by Eric Jager [Arrow, £6.99]. It’s about the last duel fought under the direction of the French parliament in 1386 and it’s very good.”

“I don’t do cardio much in the gym because I think it’s very, very boring to get on the treadmill and run. I have Saturdays and Sundays off, so I play football at the weekend instead.”

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