Charity involvement plus another August Rush screening

The upcoming Chicago Film Festival will have a special screening of “August Rush” on October 13th at 12:00pm as part of a Family Focus showcase for films geared to family audiences. You can look into purchasing tickets online.

Like last year, Jonathan again played in a charity football match for St. Killian’s in Dublin to aid the Bray Women’s Refuge early this month. And this Saturday, Jonathan is expected to participate in a special event for Tara Heritage Day. From the Gaiety School of Acting website:

Help Stuart Townsend, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and internationally reknowned Aerial Artist, John Quigley create the worlds’ first GIANT HUMAN HARP at TARA HERITAGE DAY.

We need hundreds of people to gather at the Hill of Tara on Sunday, 23rd September from 1:30pm to 3:30pm to form the human aerial art image of a giant harp and a Tara heritage preservation message. Many of Ireland’s top harpists will accompany the performance. The event will be directed by internationally reknowned Aerial Artist, John Quigley and participants include Irish born international film stars Stuart Townsend and Jonathan Rhys Meyers as well as musicans, historians and scholars. The image will be photographed from an aircraft at 3pm. Families are encouraged to bring a picnic lunch.

Spectral Q and the Save Tara Campaign are hosting Tara Heritage Day. Spectral Q has created similar human ‘aerial art’ images around the world including the Arctic, Antarctica, the Amazon Rainforest, London, New York, Los Angeles, Geneva, Miami, Toronto, Washington D.C., Copenhagen, New Orleans and others. To see images please check: The Save Tara campaign is seeking to reroute the M3 motorway to preserve the ancient sites of the sacred Tara Valley. For more information please check:

Sources: tdonline, mouret, Gaiety School of Acting

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  1. Maureen McGrath says
    13 June 13 at 3:23am

    Fantastic news about Jonathan, he is SO great and does SO much for charity, what a fabulous guy. Can’t wait to hear the album too. I am absolutely hooked on The Tudors at the moment, I think Jonathan is one of the most talented actors I’ve ever since playing in roles of this nature, he is SO sexy, powerful and beguiling to say the least!!

    Love him, Mo xx

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