Tudors win Emmy Awards

“The Tudors” won 2 out of the 4 creative Emmy Awards they were nominated for:

  • Outstanding Costumes For A Series
  • Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music

The awards were handed out this past Saturday, September 8.

Source: amsy73, Emmys.org


  1. Lorenza says
    18 September 07 at 1:45am

    I’m very glad and amazed!!! I’m from Italy and I could watch this series (1) only by chance, though probably it will be on Italian TV soon. I pray for it! I found it illuminating as for my studies in English history and culture. The episodes are hypnotic, actors are simply great and Jonathan shows all his talent, once again!
    Why not try some theatre?…

    Thanks for this glam website!

  2. Beverly says
    24 September 07 at 4:32am


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