Happy Birthday Jonathan!

This year, I put together a scrapbook as our gift to Jonathan. The purpose of the book is to give Jonathan a glimpse of how much he has influenced people around the world through his work as an actor. I included the many birthday greetings from all of you who signed the birthday book.

If you didn’t have a chance to sign the book, please feel free to leave your comments on this post and join in sending your birthday wishes. Thank you to everyone who participated and contributed to make this a very special scrapbook!


  1. Kasey says
    27 July 07 at 12:18pm

    Happy Belated Birthday Jonny! I have been a fan of yours for a while and I hope you have a smashing year!!

  2. Mara says
    27 July 07 at 12:45pm

    I’d like to wish Jonathan a wonderful birthday! He’s a great, talented actor and one of the sexiest men in the world!



  3. Amy says
    27 July 07 at 3:44pm

    Happy 30th to me and you. I turned 30 in May. I wish we could celebrate together over a pint…or two. Next time you’re in New Orleans, email me. You’ll be glad you did. We’ll hit a few clubs and have a few laughs. Have fun, and be good and safe. –Amy

  4. Sarah says
    27 July 07 at 4:46pm

    Happy Birthday Johnny, love your work-hope you spend more time in Ireland in the future!! luv sarahxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Winnie List says
    27 July 07 at 5:57pm

    Thanks for doing that, Alyse. Let us know if he responds.

  6. Veronica says
    28 July 07 at 3:29am

    Happy birthday Jonathan. lots of kisses from norway

  7. Taeko Sasaki says
    28 July 07 at 6:19am

    A very very happy birthday to you! Jonathan!! I always support your work.
    And I am very glad that I cerebrate his birthday with a lot of fans all of the worlds. Thank you very much for giving a chance us like this, Alyse!

  8. Veronica says
    28 July 07 at 8:07am

    Happy birthday Jonathan :) (one day late…;)) lots of kisses from norway :) :) :-*

  9. A7XL says
    28 July 07 at 10:25am

    Sweet, hope he likes it!!

  10. michelle says
    29 July 07 at 11:00pm

    Happy birthday Jonathan!!

    You’re amazing…

    You have made some wonderful movies … my favourites are Velvet Goldmine, B Monkey, The loss of Sexual Innocence, and The Emperor’s Wife!! I think you’ve made an excellent work as Elvis… really.. we “cant help falling in love with you”.

    You’re a wonderful actor, extremely beautiful.. and can you sing too!! We can’t ask for more!!

    Thanks for all Jonathan!!!

    Greets from Argentina =)


  11. maria! says
    31 July 07 at 2:32am

    Happy Birthday Jonathan! You are so hoooooooott!!!! I’m a big fan of you! I love you!!!!!!
    MARIA, greece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Bharti says
    31 July 07 at 2:49pm

    happy b-day jonny. celebrate it rock n’ roll style. here’s to many more years of awesome performances! p.s. your brothers band rocks! if you’re ever in NY i’ll probably bump into you.


  13. Kaylee says
    12 August 07 at 3:58pm

    happy b-day sexy lots ‘o love

  14. Shakailla Paris says
    23 August 07 at 1:18pm

    hey this is a REALLY belated happy birthday but i kinda only just found out about your website….I turned 16 on the same day…xxx lotsa hugs & kisses from London!

  15. kimberly says
    28 August 07 at 9:51am

    happy b-lated bday jonahttan! hope you still look sexy no matter how old you get XOXO luv ya

  16. elizabeth says
    06 July 08 at 11:31am

    HAPPY BDAY!!!!! you are sexy as hell and you’ll be sexy no matter who old you get!!!
    oh, and you also happen to be a fabulous actor =]

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