Jonny in OK!

Jonathan is featured in a 5 page article in the new issue of OK! Magazine (Issue 579 – July 10, 2007 – UK edition). Thanks to fellow fan Clarissa, I’ve added the transcribed article to the press archive.

Update: I’ve added the introduction to the article and have added the new scan from the article to the Gallery.

And reminder, if you haven’t already, please sign the birthday book. The deadline is July 12th. We’re up to 168 entries. Again, if you would like to submit a piece of artwork or a longer letter, you can contact me for details.


  1. Tracy says
    05 July 07 at 9:17pm

    Bout time!!! been looking for something – anything – on jrm for the longest!! hope there are some good pics!

  2. Ann says
    06 July 07 at 9:39am

    Who’s on the cover? I went and looked and the new issue has Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo on the cover and it’s not the July 10th issue, it’s the July 16th issue. Did I miss it? :(

  3. Alyse says
    07 July 07 at 11:56am

    Ann – it’s the UK edition of the magazine, not the US. And Jordon (a famous UK celebrity) is on the cover.

  4. Tracy says
    08 July 07 at 5:34am

    Alyse, is that the only pic in a 5 page article? He looks kinda rough !

    I went to Barnes and Noble this weekend looking for the Brit OK -the July 10th edition will be in stores on Mon or Tues!

  5. Alyse says
    08 July 07 at 10:59am

    Tracy – No, that’s not the only pic. That’s just the full page one. The others are stills from the Tudors and photos from various events. Nothing that we haven’t already seen.

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