Jonathan Rhys Meyers
By Justin Power and Gemma Watson
OK!, July 10, 2007

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‘All actors are bitter and twisted — including me!’ The ‘Match Point’ star on the problem with Hollywood — And why he wants to be Tom Cruise!

Jonathan Rhys Meyers — he’s the sparky Irish actor who has quietly taken Hollywood by storm. With a track record that includes working with the likes of directing legend Woody Allen, screen icon Tom Cruise and Hollywood siren Scarlett Johansson, it’s clear Jonathan, 29, can hold his own in the premier league of showbiz. His escalating career could have a lot to do with the effect these stars have had on him. ‘I’ve never gone to acting school and I never will, so I’m learning about the business from the people who are in the business,’ he says. However, he does also think his work is a doddle: ‘Being an actor is the easiest job. Just say the lines.’

The boy from Cork seems to have a unique attitude for someone doing so well in the glitziest industry around. Far from living the champagne lifestyle, it seems more likely you’ll find him in his local boozer supping a pint and tucking into a home-cooked tattie. ‘I think it’s important to stay close to your roots and be true to yourself, to be honest. I don’t want to play games in Hollywood and pretend to be someone else. I still suffer from insecurity and that situation would make it worse.’

Aside from his acting talents, Jonathan is an undisputed hottie, but luckily for us he’s one celeb who isn’t off the market to non-Hollywood girls. He admits: ‘I wouldn’t date an actress.’ So what’s the key to Jonathan’s heart? Who is the woman of his dreams? And how does he mend a broken heart?

How did the last woman in your life seduce you?
It was in a restaurant in London. She made the approach and bought me a drink.

So you’re not turned off by a woman who’ll make the first move?
I’m not intimidated by tough women, I’m attracted by it.

What’s the longest you’ve been in a relationship and how did you juggle it with your career?
Four years. And with great difficulty. I’ve learned how to deal with it over time because I’ve been on the road for about nine years now. So I’ve got mechanisms for dealing with it.

Are you romantic?
I’m not really the sending flowers type. I’m not very romantic [pulls a face]. A nice box of chocolates once a month is always good when you can’t get there to s**g your girlfriend!

Have you ever had your heart broken, and, if so how did you fix it?
Yes. It was after the four-year relationship. And Terry’s Chocolate Orange and Desperate Housewives!

Are you ready to settle down yet?
Yes. I’m very broody but I’m not ready to be a father. I do love children, though. When I was on the set of Mission Impossible 3, Will Smith and his wife came down, and he’s got a little girl and a little boy. They were so beautiful and it was lovely to see that family unit. It’s the same with Tom [Cruise]. He has a great family unit.

Would you ever settle down with one of your co-stars?
I wouldn’t date an actress. Too difficult. Too competitive! I’m the only actress in my life!

Actress or drama queen?
They’re all drama queens. Let me say, from someone who is a drama queen, they all are. It’s really funny. Actors all have different personalities, but they’re all just *beep* actors!

So if she’s not an actress would your ideal woman be skinny or curvy?
I don’t fancy very skinny women. But then I have to say, I don’t fancy fat women either. I like athletic women. I like women who work out. I like women who are outdoorsy.

If you’re not settling down soon will you be out on the razz with other Irish actors in Hollywood?
No, it’s not like it’s a little club! And I’m not a member. I know Colin [Farrell] because I worked with him and I know Cillian [Murphy] as well, because I met him when I was working with Colin.

So theres no Hollywood Irish clique?
We don’t hang out with each other. I don’t own their phone numbers or anything like that. We wouldn’t ring each other up and say: Hey, how’s it going? I’ve never really made friends with any actors.

Why is that?
Because all actors are bitter and twisted creatures — including me!

Bitter and twisted you may be, but you are hot property in Hollywood right now, do the press hound you?
I don’t put myself out there. I don’t date an actress and I don’t hang around with famous people. Plus I make sure I don’t go to Chinawhite or Pangaea and get photographed coming out there at 4am with some glamour model.

Are all the stars constantly getting papped asking for it, then?
There’s a lot you can do to eliminate the press out of your life, especially in that invasive way, and you do it by leading your own quiet life.

Is it that simple?
If you want to go to the pub with your mates, then go to the pub with your mates. You don’t need an entourage of 20 people. You don’t have to go out in Gucci sunglasses at 11pm at night.

You’re starring in blockbusters and playing Henry VIII in The Tudors on American television. What if all your success ends tomorrow?
Everything changes. Sometimes it changes for the better, sometimes for the worse. I mean, my life is not a rose garden, there are thorns too.

Having worked with Tom Cruise, is that where you’d like to end up?
Of course! No kid kicking a football wants to grow up to be Mr. Smith — they want to be Maradona. Of course I want to be Tom Cruise! Or I want that level of success and power. It’s very attractive. I’m not quite sure if it would suit me, though.

Special thanks to Clarissa for transcribing the interview portion of the article.


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