Transcript added

I’ve added the transcript from Jonathan’s live chat that was held last Monday.

Unfortunately, the moderator had problems blocking participants who were not conducting themselves maturely in the chat. Jonathan was bombarded with many silly and ridiculous questions. I’ve heavily modified the transcript to those questions that he actually answered.

I’ve also added 5 images of Jonathan on set filming the second season of “The Tudors.” Enjoy.

And just to update about the Birthday Book project… there are now 50 entries. If you haven’t participated yet, please check it out and consider signing the book. Please be aware that entries will be checked for spelling and grammar. Any messages may be deleted per my discretion (if the message is blank or is deemed inappropriate). If you are having problems filling out the book, please contact me and I can add your message manually. Thank you and help spread the word about this so we can get as many fans to sign the book as possible!

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  1. Ann says
    22 June 07 at 4:52pm

    In the chat he says he’s single. Does that mean he and Reena are splits again? Hmmm, interesting.

    Thanks for the transcript! I enjoyed reading it.

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