Gold Derby Live Chat Session with Jonathan Rhys Meyers

What follows is a heavily edited version of Jonathan’s live internet chat held by The Gold Derby on June 18, 2007. You can read the full transcript on Gold Derby’s website.

cyndi21: Jonathan, what has been your most memorable professional project so far?

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: Most memorable prof project thus far: Children of Huang Shi

rougevelvet: How was it working with your brother in August Rush? Is he bitten by the acting bug, or will he stick to music?

cyndi21: What made it most memorable to you?

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: My brother will stick to music, but attends college in dublin

Cate: Out of all your cast members on the Tudors, who do you most enjoy working with?

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: the experience of being in china was extraordinary

Tom O’Neil: Hi Jonny, Thanks for joining us! You’re shooting in Ireland now? Have you chopped off Anne Boleyn’s head yet, you merciless brute?

amsy73: Hello, Jonathan. Have you received a thank you from the Irish film board for single handedly kicking life back into the industry?

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: maria doyle kennedy, who plays my wife Katherine of Aragon

Tom O’Neil: You chose episode 5 of “Tudors” to be your submission to Emmy judges. Tell us what you like about that performance. It’s tough, but tender at the end when Henry looks at his crown on the table in front of him, helpless.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: not fucking likely mate

LauraLOVE: When will you be back in america and will you be doing any appearances anytime soon!

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: that wasnt for clarissa

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: that wasnt for clarissa

Lucia: not fucking likely what?

Tom O’Neil: tell us what you think of it

Shamrock: I liked the episode you submitted. I think it’s risky but great

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: back in america to promote august rush in the fall

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: not fucking likely to be honored by the irish film board

cyndi21: How has it been working with Keri Russell twice. She seems truly sweet…

Cecile: are you single or do you have a gf?

Bohemianblue: They’ll come to their sense someday Jonny, the film board that is.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: keri russell is truely sweet

BTN: were you in charge of your emmy submission

Leehlan: You seem very musically talented as well. Did you come into that naturally?

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: single

Tom O’Neil: Jonathan — Emmy question — tell us what you think of episode 5 of Tudors — that’s your Emmy reel

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: im not that musically talented

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: not in charge of emmy submission

Winnie25: Will you be doing the movie Bronte, Jonathan?

Tom O’Neil: what do you think of that episode?

Leehlan: No? You play guitar and sing fairly well.

Tom O’Neil: It’s strong — you’re tough as Henry in it, so it’s not 100% sympathetic

Tom O’Neil: some people thinks it’s a risky Emmy submission as a result

cyndi21: Did you do your own singing for August Rush…I have seen the trailer and am impressed…

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: perhaps doing the movie bronte

Tom O’Neil: but’s it’s a dynamic performance

Winnie25: Thanks for answering!

Ladybug: What kinds of movies do you watch?

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: yes i did my own singing for august rush

BC: What about Elvis?

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: i watch everything

cyndi21: Is performing musically more difficult than acting in some way?

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: no it was elvis

NotoriousMSG: Do u plan on getting into music anytime soon?

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: depends upon your talent for either

Tom O’Neil: when you won the Globe for Elvis, you seemed surprised

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: not planning on getting into music at the moment

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: of course i was surprised when i won the golden globe

Ladybug: oh, do you still play guitar much?

Tom O’Neil: you gave a good acceptance speech

Aura: We weren’t surprised.

Tom O’Neil: very heartfelt

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: i play guitar a little bit

Ladybug: What was it like working with Robin Williams?

Winnie25: You play flute as well, right? I remember in Gormenghast.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: i never did any scenes with robin but he was a lovely energy to be around and very gifted person

LauraLOVE: Are you planning on getting married anytime soon? Is there any hope for us ladies out here? lol

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: yes i play flute a little

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: im not planning on getting married anytime soon

Tulo: will u have a big “30” BD party in L.A.?

Lucia: who is your favorite director?

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: no i wont have bd party

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: david lean is my favorite director

cyndi21: Do you prefer living in the UK or the US?

BTN: what’s your favorite Lean movie?

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: happiness

Ladybug: Are you nervous about turning 30?

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: i perfer living in the us

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: no im not nervous about turning thirty

Purple Stone: Are you a tea or coffee person

Ladybug: Why don’t you like Texas?

Tom O’Neil: Do you think Anne Boleyn deceived Henry from the beginning or they just fell out of love?

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: tea

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: i love texas

Tulo: How about Arizona

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: it wasnt about love for anne and henry

Tom O’Neil: not even from Henry?

rougevelvet: Would you like to work with Woody Allen again?

Aura: what was it then?

cyndi21: It was lust and passion; they played off each other

Ladybug: Do you like Miami, Florida

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: yes i like arizona very much

Tom O’Neil: Do you think she really cheated on him later?

BTN: just a business deal?

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: i like miami too

Tom O’Neil: Or did he just drum the whole thing up?

BC: She probably did cheat on him, Tom.

Lucia: have you ever been to venezuela?

MidnightDiva: do you drive?

Ladybug: Is this really you?

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: of course id like to work with woody allen again

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: no id like to go to venezuela

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: yes i drive

Ladybug: Do you still keep in touch with Parminda Nagra?

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: yes its really me

Ladybug: How was it working with her?

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: i havent seen perminda for a while but i watch her career closely

Purple Stone: do you have a favorite actor

presidentmerkinmuffley: Ireland or London

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: johnny depp

Lucia: favorite asctress?

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: ireland

Winnie25: How are you handling the increase in fame? Taking it in stride?

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: dont have a favorite actress

Ladybug: Have you met Johhny Depp? What’s he like?

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: i havent met johnny depp

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: i dont notice my fame

Winnie25: We notice your fame. It’s alot easier to get pictures of you, lol

Sakura: I really admire you, Jonathan

Tulo: We all admire you very much, keep up the great work

Ladybug: Would you ever play a super hero?

Ladybug: Johnny are you still there?

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: sorry guys bad internet signal

Lucia: is there a city in the world that is very special to you? why?

BTN: do you prefer modern roles or period roles

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: yes would play a super hero

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: doesnt matter: modern or period

Bohemianblue: Jonny, what books are your reading now, if any?

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: siagon is special to me

Ladybug: What was it like working with Christian Bale?

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: saigon is beautiful and i have great memories

Senka: Your brother loves a book called 1984, have you read it too?

clarissa: Jonny, chocolate or crisps??

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: christian bale is a lovely person and fine actor, working with him was wonderful

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: i havent read 1984

kristalyn: how much do you weigh

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: chocolate and crisps

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: 160 lbs


cyndi21: What was your favorite episode from season 1 of the Tudors?


Jonathan Rhys Meyers: the assination of jesse james by the coward robert ford

clarissa: Jonny I quit drinking too

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: good for you clarissa

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: episode 10 is my favorite

Bohemianblue: I agree, my favorite is 10 as well

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: abazaba bars

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: never been in valencia but my father lives near there

Winnie25: Jonathan, will you be doing talk shows to promote August Rush?

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: yes i will do talk shows to promote august rush

Winnie25: Good, I can’t wait

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: i have to split, thanks for the chat

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: peace, johnyy

arrested53: hope you get nominated for the emmy, you deserve it

Bohemianblue: Congrats on all you success

Tom O’Neil: thanks

Boomer: Thanks for joining us.

BC: Good luck on trying to get your 2nd nomination, Jonathan.

BTN: have fun with Peter O’toole

BC: The Emmy’s yours, Jonathan!


  1. Clarissa says
    21 June 07 at 2:31pm

    I still can’t figure it out, was he being genuine when he said good for you? Or was it sarcasm? I hope he wasn’t offended by what I said. It is true btw.

  2. 22 June 07 at 3:10pm

    Whew… that seemed painful for him!

  3. bianca says
    22 June 07 at 6:42pm

    that did seem painful for him……i wonder if he got annoyed by people asking him so many questions at once

  4. Elisa says
    22 June 07 at 7:36pm

    Goodness! Poor guy could barely keep up! I can imagine how much more with all the other immature comments and questions that were edited. That was really cool of him to take time out for the fans. Thanks for the transcript! Really cool of you as well! :)

  5. Steph says
    22 June 07 at 8:00pm

    I see you’ve edited the transcript, as it is not complete. He did have difficulty answering due to his internet connection. I’m doubtful it was Jonny typing though as when he signed off he seemed to misspell his own name.

  6. Ann says
    23 June 07 at 1:08pm

    So, he’s single again?

    Thanks for the transcript!!!

  7. ciss says
    23 June 07 at 5:55pm

    Did someone else do the typing for him?

  8. Enersha2112 says
    25 June 07 at 5:11am

    Thanks for making my morning reading so entertaining.

  9. ciss says
    25 June 07 at 12:47pm

    I think someone else did type for him, perhaps that’s why he said his favourite candy bar is abazaba bars because aren’t they peanut butter? I’ve heard him say he hates peanut butter. Maybe he told the person whp typed to just write anything and they chose that? Lol or maybe he just likes those sour apple flavoured ones? Forgive me, I’m English…

  10. Alyse says
    26 June 07 at 8:44am

    From what we understand, Jonathan was participating in the chat on a laptop from the set of “The Tudors” in Dublin.

  11. Julia says
    26 June 07 at 10:21pm

    Jonathan! You are the best for me. You are the beatutiful man and very talented actor. From Russia with love

  12. Noel says
    27 June 07 at 8:53pm

    About the “good for you” that’s what I hate about talking with text. You can’t tell a person’s tone. It was probably genuine, though. I doubt he’d say something mean in a fan chat unless he felt attacked, which doesn’t seem likely.

    I’m surprised to hear he’s single. I thought he was engaged to Rena?

  13. Alyse says
    29 June 07 at 2:12pm

    This was not a fan chat. This was put on by an industry awards website to talk about the Emmy race. But some fans did flood the chat and overwhelm it with silly questions unfortunately. Jonathan was never engaged to Rena. That is a false rumor.

  14. min-min says
    01 July 07 at 7:04pm

    I’m so glad his favorite actor is Johnny Depp! :)

  15. KimBo! says
    15 July 07 at 10:56am

    Just wondering when there is going to be another live chat with our star?

  16. Darielle says
    30 August 07 at 10:52pm

    That is rather curious though; that he misspelt his own name. Hmm…

  17. Roberta says
    25 March 09 at 10:04am

    Holycow…where was I when this was all going on in 2007, Jonny in a chat…I missed out again!

  18. Priscyla says
    05 April 09 at 10:19pm

    My favorite actor is J. D too… There is no other man like J.D all around the world…. Acting is really better than anybody else in this kinda business

  19. Katie says
    15 February 10 at 4:13pm

    I just now came upon this transcript…how wonderful! I’m glad to hear he likes Arizona, since that’s where I live…maybe he can visit some time, soon.
    As far as the “good for you” comment, I truly believe he was sincere. I mean just listen to the guy for 5 seconds and you can tell how genuine he is!
    And by the way, good for you for controlling your drinking, or stopping altogether, it takes a lot of work to make that decision and stick to it!
    Katie in AZ

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