Live Chat with Jonny!

Next Monday, June 18 at noon PST (3pm EST) the Los Angeles Times awards website The Gold Derby is holding a live chat with Jonathan!

Be sure to check in with the site’s chat room on Monday. You may need to create an account to participate.

Thanks to TD for the alert on this.


  1. Me says
    12 June 07 at 8:55pm

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! *gasp* *choke* can’t *gasp* wait

  2. xJRMx says
    13 June 07 at 3:53pm

    OMFG!!!! I actually had to look away from my computer screen in order to prevent me from hyperventilating!! lol. Omg I wouldn’t miss this for the world and all his wives!! lol

  3. lexxymac says
    14 June 07 at 9:54am

    how do you become a member of the chat room so you can participate?

  4. Alyse says
    14 June 07 at 12:22pm

    They are not taking new members right now but there’s still the possibility that nonmembers can participate.

  5. Natalia says
    17 June 07 at 10:53am

    Can somebody save/record the conversation? I don’t think I will be able to participate… stupid exams.

  6. Alyse says
    18 June 07 at 9:59am

    They normally post transcripts from the chats which I will post as soon as possible.

  7. amsy73 says
    18 June 07 at 11:42am

    Funnily enough, Alyse, I got through and asked him a question and received an answer. However, I am in a state of shock and will need to see the transcript to believe the entire moment happened. WOW!

  8. xJRMx says
    18 June 07 at 1:19pm

    I can’t believe I got kicked off half way through! I didn’t do anything wrong! Jonny still answered one of my questions though!!! *faint*

  9. Heather says
    18 June 07 at 5:07pm

    Cannot believe I missed that, working sucks! HA

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