Speculation on new project?

From an article on Malcolm McDowell, during his Cannes Film Festival press interviews, comes speculation about a possible new project in the works for Jonny:

McDowell has spent decades as a journeyman actor in U.S. television with the occasional opportunity for something original such as Mike Hodges’ excellent “ll Sleep When I’m Dead.” He is planning to work with Hodges again on a screen treatment of the Thomas Mann novella “Mario and the Magician” costarring with Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Kaplan, who is raising the money for it, says they had wanted to do it several years ago with McDowell playing Mario and Laurence Olivier as the magician, but it never happened.

No other details or sources on this. Thanks to Sheila for finding this.

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  1. Natalia says
    06 June 07 at 1:20pm


    But I just like to say that “I’ll sleep when I’m Dead” wasn’t excellent at all. I think it was one of the worst films that I have ever seen, and I like some pretty bad films (like Alexander).

  2. Alyse says
    06 June 07 at 4:50pm

    I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead generally got excellent reviews unlike Alexander. I know I enjoyed the film quite a lot and really appreciated Jonathan’s performance (and Clive Owen’s performance and Mike Hodges strong directing.)

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