Brontë back on track

According to AMC Pictures, “Brontë” has changed directors and a few cast members, but is scheduled to start production on August 28, 2007. Jonathan is still attached but has new co-stars in Bryce Dallas Howard and Evan Rachel Wood and new director Charles Sturridge.

Thanks to Mouret and BrontëBlog for this new information.


  1. whatsername says
    12 May 07 at 8:45pm

    I’m glad Jonny is still on the project! He is the sexiest! I was just watching “Bride and Prejudice” and it doesn’t have the same spark as “Bend it Like Beckham”… and we all know why!

  2. Janet says
    15 May 07 at 1:55pm

    I agree with you. “Bride & Prejudice” is dull. Jonathan is so hot!

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