Ratings and tv alert!

Exciting TV alert! Jonathan will be a guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on April 10! This will be his first time on the show.

Also good news to report about the ratings for the premiere of “The Tudors”:

‘Tudors’ reign supreme on Showtime
Royal drama brings in big ratings to network
By Josef Adalian, Variety

There will be no beheadings at Showtime today, thanks to strong ratings for the premiere of “The Tudors.”

Teevee cabler’s high-profile, big budget costume drama notched 870,000 viewers with it’s Sunday premiere, more than three times the net’s 2006 primetime average and well above the debuts of recent success stories “Dexter” and “Weeds.”

Add in another 404,000 who tuned in for an 11 p.m. encore of “The Tudors,” and Showtime said it had it best series debut night in three years, since the bow of “Fat Actress.”

Compared with last year’s bow of “Dexter,” first run of “The Tudors” lured 44% more viewers. Drama’s premiere was 78% above what Showtime scored with the series debut of “Weeds.”

Cabler said it’s also encouraged by the sampling the skein got via its on-demand and Showtime.com platforms. It says more than 1 million people caught part of the show on those platforms, and expects that number to grow substantially once figures from online partners such as AOL and Yahoo! are counted.

Big test for “The Tudors” is still to come, of course. Cablers such as HBO and Showtime have proved adept at luring auds to premiere episodes, only to see tune-in drop substantially in subsequent weeks.

Thanks to Sheila for this news!

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