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Showtime is releasing a series of podcasts featuring Jonathan talking about the making of “The Tudors”. You can subscribe or download them.

The reviews keep rolling in for “The Tudors” and the Emmy buzz is growing (with a strong push by Showtime of course). A few choice quotes:

I have precisely three words to describe to why you must watch this Sunday’s premiere of the new Showtime series The Tudors:




E! Online

…the focus is squarely on Henry, played with bravado and an above-average intellect by Jonathan Rhys Meyers. This is the same actor who won a Golden Globe and an Emmy nomination for his portrayal of the young rock star in CBS'”Elvis” miniseries. His virtuoso performances in both roles indicate the breadth of his enormous talent.

Hollywood Reporter

[I]t’s also hugely entertaining, thanks in large part to Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who just flat-out exudes sexiness and virility as the young King Henry VIII… “The Tudors” might be a quicker entry for viewers because Rhys Meyers is riveting from the moment he walks into the frame… it’s hard to not like this version of Henry VIII… and Rhys Meyers wears the hell out of pretty much anything he’s given.

San Francisco Chronicle

To watch the slitheringly youthful Jonathan Rhys-Meyers cut a dashing, all-eyes-on-me Whitehall Palace figure in modish, physique-hugging threads is to be reminded of the smoldering Irish actor’s turns in the glam-pop flick Velvet Goldmine and even the 2005 TV movie Elvis — consider the distinctively loose-hipped stance Henry displays early on in the first episode. As royalists and rockists might agree, long live the King.

LA Weekly

And in Jonathan Rhys Meyers, the rising Irish actor who put hip-swiveling smolder into his sinuously energetic performance in the CBS miniseries “Elvis” while playing the rock ‘n’ roll king, “The Tudors” is blessed with a star who clearly enjoys ruling the screen.

Detroit Free Press

Producers have found just the man for the part in Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Woody Allen’s “Match Point,” CBS’ miniseries “Elvis”): He’s intelligent, sexy, decisive, headstrong but not out of control. What more could you want in a king?

Washington Times

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  1. dolores cocuzzo says
    02 April 07 at 11:44am

    Thank God – I cannot wait for the dvd to come out – it is about time they start to notice Jonathan – he is much like Elvis – i.e. he is sexy without even trying – I hope he gets an award and I do hope August Rush is well received

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