Tudors Premiere

“The Tudors” premiered last night at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. Jonathan attended looking very happy and dashing. Photos from the premiere and after party will be posted as I gather them up. Be sure to check out the various entertainment shows tonight for possible coverage (ET, Extra, Access Hollywood, The Insider).

Tomorrow evening there will be another premiere party in New York. This will be followed up by Jonathan’s appearance on The View on Thursday morning. According to the NY Post, the NY premiere party will be held at the Hearst Tower’s Joseph Urban Theater. And Jonny will be in attendance.

Expect this weekend to be a JRM fest on Showtime. Not only are they rebroadcasting “Elvis”, but they are also showing “The Lion in Winter” at 3pm on April 1st.

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  1. Mandy says
    27 March 07 at 12:15pm

    woohoo nice! thanks for the head ups! can’t wait to see the pics

  2. Janet says
    28 March 07 at 9:47am

    Very cool! :)

  3. Barbara says
    28 March 07 at 10:19pm

    Velvet Goldmine has been on as wall, as has Match Point, Ride With The Devil, Vanity Fair.

  4. mimo says
    28 March 07 at 11:14pm

    i just watch tudors off of yahoo.com..i must say he takes my breathe away! he’s all man at every angle! LOVING IT! kudos to your website

  5. dreameire says
    29 March 07 at 8:37am

    I’d like to here how the party went, Melodie. I was out front, but I didn’t talk to him. It was fun, though!

  6. Barbara says
    31 March 07 at 3:39pm

    I saw the first two episodes on Showtime On Demand and I loved them–the only trouble is that now I have to wait ***3*** weeks to see the next one:(

    I liked what he said about his height, that since Henry was tall, Jonathan had to make up for it psychologically, for instance, using his facial expressions ( at which he is excllent).

    He portrays a truly imposing figure, almost frighening at times that his height is irrelevant–I’d not notice it had he not . Quite a departure from Beckham.

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