Early Notices

A few early notices for Jonathan’s performance as Henry VIII in “The Tudors”:

Jonathan Rhys Meyers brings virile wattage to this 10-part project as young King Henry VIII — whose onscreen image has normally resembled Orson Welles in “Touch of Evil” — in a narrative that meanders occasionally during its first six installments but seldom fails to entertain.


[Henry VIII]’s played with riveting intensity and bristling sensuality by Irish-born Jonathan Rhys Meyers — perhaps the only actor to successfully impersonate fabled royalty and Elvis “the King” Presley. This Henry the horndog is fueled by lust: for war, for power, for a son and, wife aside, for female conquests, including the notorious Anne Boleyn…

The appeal of these sorts of freewheeling docudramas is to show us the highborn getting low-down, and to that end, The Tudors doesn’t disappoint. Less lurid than HBO’s Rome, yet still quite the pageant of pomp and friskiness, it’s a throwback to the old-fashioned miniseries of yore, spiced with pay-cable frankness.

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