Watch the Tudors

Brightcove is one of the various places you can watch the first two episodes of “The Tudors” online (word is they have been edited to remove some nudity from the version that will air on Showtime). They also have several of the trailers and features up in good quality. Showtime’s Youtube channel has also posted some of the new clips. Showtime is also running a sweepstakes contest for some pretty cool prizes.

Below is the Star Rising clip all about Jonny that is a must for any fan:

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  1. Caren says
    20 March 07 at 9:54am

    Great video. Thanks for posting! Will check out the rest.

  2. Janet says
    21 March 07 at 9:54am

    Great clip!

  3. Mandy says
    23 March 07 at 8:57pm

    awesome video! a nice reminder of Jonny’s versatility, plus him humming the MI:3 theme! cute! :)

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