Best sort?

Jonathan has been nominated for Best Sort in the 2007 Movie Extra Filmink Awards in Australia. You can vote online. I have no idea what Best Sort means but judging from his fellow nominees it might have to do with being hot in “Match Point”.

If you’re a Showtime VIP Insider, you can now preview the first two episodes of “The Tudors” online.

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  1. annie says
    14 March 07 at 7:55pm

    Hi! Love the site. I’ve been visiting it for years now. I just wanted to let you know, in case you didn’t already, that there’s a page interview with Jonathan in the recent Marie Claire (Sandra Oh is on the cover).

  2. Valerie says
    14 March 07 at 10:02pm

    The password is ‘king’.

  3. CoherentNoise says
    16 March 07 at 3:15pm

    According to, a sort is an “amiable young woman”. I think they’re being a bit cheeky…

  4. Alyse says
    16 March 07 at 3:56pm

    annie – Thanks! I’ll have to check it out!

    CoherentNoise – interesting… Clive Owen is also nominated so I was guessing it was about being gorgeous.

  5. andrea gabriela says
    31 July 09 at 10:17pm

    OMG!! I Love JRM so much he is so handsome =)

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