More Tudors News

Showtime has launched a full website for “The Tudors” with lots of content (including a must-see video profiling Jonathan) and news.

Some highlights:

  • Showtime has a MySpace page for “The Tudors”.
  • A companion book will be released on April 24 titled The Tudors: It’s Good to Be King that includes full shooting scripts of episodes 1-5, a synopsis of the first season, a full color 8 page insert of on-set photos, period maps, genealogy of the royal family, and an essay on Henry. You can pre-order the book on Amazon.
  • Schedule of when the show will air on Showtime. There’s going to be plenty of repeats of the first episode.
  • For those who have Showtime on Demand, you can start watching the first episode starting March 19. Plus you’ll also be able to watch the first two episode online from a variety of sites like IMDB and Yahoo. Showtime is doing a huge promotional push for the series.

Thanks to everyone who posted and emailed about the news!

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  1. Chantal Verville says
    18 March 07 at 2:19pm

    Hello! do you know if “The Tudors” will be presented in Canada? I live in the Quebec Province, so, it would be nice if in my country, I can watch it, on CBC for exemple. If it’s not airing in english, I hope I’ll will watch the mini-serie in french! I’m with a lot of hope!

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