JRMfansite livejournal community

I’ve opened up a livejournal community for the JRMfansite. Anytime I post news or updates to the site it will be cross-posted to the livejournal. I may upgrade to a paid account so I can make it look a lot better but in terms of functionality, the cross-posting works.

The main purpose of the livejournal however, is for me to have a backup in case of any downtime with this site. Considering “The Tudors” is coming out soon, this site’s traffic is bound to increase and there’s the potential for bandwidth or server issues. Since there has been downtime in the past, this livejournal is my way to still update all of you about any site problems if you can’t access the JRMfansite directly.

I hope this is useful for those who use livejournal but also for those who want to know what is happening with the site if it ever goes down and you can’t reach me.

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