New Trailer for The Tudors

There’s a new trailer online for “The Tudors” on Peach Arch Entertainment’s website. It gives a sneak peek at the series that’s set to start airing on Showtime in April 2007. The trailer is amazing! Be sure to check it out! (Thanks to Shelia for the link.)

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  1. Chantal Verville says
    31 October 06 at 1:37pm

    I seen the trailer and it looks very fascinating. The Tudors promises a lot. I like the idea to show a different point of view about the reign of Henry the VIII and his life as a young man. The cast seems convincing, credible and I appreciate that Jonathan Rhys Meyers have been choose to be the King Henry… and what a king! That’s groovy, dear!

  2. Johnnydahling says
    01 November 06 at 1:35am

    I have seen the trailer and was blown away by it, it think it won’t dissappoint! it looks amazing and very authentic! i would love to see it, i think this could be another amazing role for our jonathan and since im a history buff, i truly appreciate what jonathan is doing! i love that man! Jaysis! i wouldnt miss tudors for the world!

  3. Liberty says
    03 November 06 at 6:45pm

    Shit looks good!!!

  4. Aleax says
    20 December 06 at 11:20pm

    Looks good. Does anybody know where I can get the music thats in the trailer?

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