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I’ve added 17 new images from the Hugo Boss campaign. And 10 new images from The Tudors.


  1. kiera says
    16 October 06 at 4:21am


  2. silvan says
    26 October 06 at 5:53pm

    love it!

  3. whatsername says
    26 October 06 at 10:46pm

    Thanks Alyse! There are some gorgeous photos there!

  4. catalina walker bojanic says
    29 October 06 at 10:13am

    He is incredibly beautiful. Elegant and overcoat seducer. Too good to be true. Cata

  5. cata says
    14 November 06 at 7:57am

    He is so beautiful, completely elegant and is Irish for that more it is possible to ask?

  6. sarahjane says
    25 November 06 at 6:17am

    You are very very very very very cool.. beautiful.. I love you!

  7. patricia says
    01 December 06 at 8:17pm

    You are very very very very very HOT..
    Sex on legs u are man.
    I love you!


  8. 06 December 06 at 2:14am


    Jon is gorgeous! He seems to be a good person too which is good. I wish u a great Christmas and a Happy New year if u do ever read this.

    From Shivani (South Africa)

  9. Athena says
    13 June 07 at 7:10pm

    OH my goofnesss thats all teh pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) haha just kidding he is so gorgeous!

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