Possible new project?

From Bootstrap Films (thanks to Shelia for the find) comes word about a possible new project for Jonathan:

Following on the success of the short film, WHAT IF, the project is currently being developed into a feature film. WHAT IF is produced by Bootstrap Films and Colin Farrell and Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Brendan Gleeson will star in the feature film version with Simon Delaney and Hugh Lee.

The feature is a comedy, which tells the story of two movie stuntmen who, looking for a way out, write a screenplay with unforeseen consequences, and is set to go into production in Ireland in 2007. The project is written by Alan Walsh and Columb Farrelly and will be directed by Alan Walsh.

Apart from this news on the production website, there’s no further confirmation or reports yet.

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  1. jeaniebaby says
    28 September 06 at 7:42pm

    wow…the farrelly brothers.. Jonathan has DEFINITELY made it in America now. ;D

  2. Alyse says
    29 September 06 at 8:50am

    No, this isn’t the Farrelly brothers known here in the US. This is a very Irish based production/film.

  3. vanekisser says
    29 September 06 at 3:09pm

    Even though it´s a very irish film, Colin Farrell will bring a lot of attention from the US media… and that woudn´t hurt… ;P

  4. Brandi says
    29 September 06 at 9:56pm

    Who’s going to play the stuntmen? John and Colin?

  5. Jesse F. says
    03 October 06 at 11:15pm

    I was Johnnys’ Stand-in for the Elvis miniseries. I never met a nicer person in my life. I hope i can one day light up the big screen as well as he can. I learned alot by being a observer to him in every sceen we shot as i had to myself mock for my job as is stand-in. I one hope to work with him again and this time have lines..ha! miss ya J

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