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The Gallery was getting flooded with spam comments so I’ve turned off the feature to comment on images for now. Until I can find a solution to combat the spam, comments unfortunately will remain off. You can still post comments on news and article posts.

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  1. Jennifer says
    21 September 06 at 3:37pm

    Do you know of a way to get in touch with Jonathan? Does he have fan mail or anything? I met him a couple of years ago when he was in New Orleans Louisiana filming Elvis. He was the sweetest guy I had ever met. He was so friendly to everyone on set. I’m trying to find a way to maybe send him a photo of us so maybe he’d autograph it…Do you have any ideas?


  2. 24 September 06 at 9:52am

    Im still in awe of the whole layout you have going on, it’s just so wonderfully designed. I just installed coppermine myself yesterday and decided to leave comments off.

    I figure if people want to discuss the images, that’s what the forum is for! :) The more that join in the better 😀

  3. Alyse says
    25 September 06 at 8:57am

    Jennifer – Please check the Contact page for the address to write to Jonathan.

    Kate – Unfortunately there is no easy mod to handle spam on comments yet for Coppermine. Apparently there are some work arounds and mods being worked on. But ah well… it was nice while it lasted! :)

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