Versace ads

The Versace ads are starting to turn up in fashion magazines. A close-up ad of Jonny with glasses on appears in the September issues of Esquire (US), Details (US) and GQ (US). Thanks to Shaznic for the information.

Reena Hammer is on the cover of the August 4th issue of the Evening Standard magazine. In the article, she talks about her relationship with Jonathan, her upbringing, and future plans.

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  1. delores cocuzzo says
    30 August 06 at 8:21am

    i am surprised why is Reena Hammer on the cover of a magazine – is she, too, looking for a career in the movies – I think their breakup was due to the fact that perhaps he was away a lot and she is looking for a movie career??? Wny else would she be on this cover – or is this a gossip magazine???

  2. Maggie says
    30 August 06 at 12:08pm

    yeah I wonder why too?? Hummm maybe she has a new career in modeling. She is pretty.

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