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Another movie clip from “Mission Impossible 3″ was released today and features Jonathan. View the “Shanghai” clip at Yahoo! Movies. The official website has been updated with all kinds of new goodies. Click on About, then Cast and they’ve got the bio up on Jonny with a new photo. And in the production notes, under About the Team is the following:

Jonathan Rhys Meyers joins the team as Declan, the team’s transportation expert: if you need it flown, driven, sailed, glided, helicoptered, or motored, he’s the man you want – despite his personality quirks. “Declan’s a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pans, mad Irishman,” says Rhys Meyers, who was most recently seen in the lead role of Woody Allen’s “Match Point”, a performance for which he received rave reviews. “He’s part of the next generation of the IMF – Ethan’s grooming him. He’s got that risk element that Ethan likes in his team members.”

Declan is also a chameleon, able to blend into any situation unnoticed. “One minute, he’s an Italian deliveryman; the next, he’s a geeky American tourist; and the next, a Vatican guard,” notes Rhys Meyers. “It’s very easy for him to slip into another character.”

GMTV in the UK has a short interview clip with Jonathan on their website from this morning (thanks Mia!). And lastly, “Match Point” is out today on DVD!

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