TV Alerts!

Lots of TV alerts! Jonathan may be appearing on Entertainment Tonight this evening. Also the ABC show 20/20 has on it’s schedule for tonight: Tom Cruise and the Cast of “Mission Impossible 3″. Jonathan will be appearing. And Food Network has a special on the catering for “Mission: Impossible III”. It will be airing April 29th at 9pm. Check local listings for all times and channels.

Jonathan also weighs in on his co-star Tom Cruise’s baby news. From the eitb24:

British actor Jonathan Rhys-Myers said there is, indeed, some value to all of the media attention paid to the baby – but not to the movie. “You know, I’m sure it’s very, very exciting because it’s a media moneymaker,” he explained. “Of course, how many magazine articles, magazine pages will be devoted to Tom and Katie and the baby? You know, it’s an industry. I just hope that they give Tom and Katie time to be new parents, and give that little girl the space she needs to grow up and be a little girl.”

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