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Exciting news to report about an interesting new project for Jonathan. From Zap2It:

Showtime has snagged “Elvis” and “Match Point” star Jonathan Rhys-Meyers to take the lead role in “The Tudors,” a new series doubling as drama and English history lesson.

Showtime has ordered 10 episodes of “The Tudors,” which will star Rhys-Meyers as Henry VIII, the ruler best remember for his later, more portly years. Instead, “The Tudors” will focus on the early part of his reign, which lasted from 1509 to 1547.

Michael Hirst, who knows a few things about royalty as the screenwriter of “Elizabeth,” wrote the first five hours of “The Tudors” and at least the first two episodes will be directed by Charles McDougall, an Emmy winner for the “Desperate Housewives” pilot.

“Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is one of the hottest young movie stars working today and his incredible range as an actor, playing everything from historical figures to Elvis Presley, makes him an immensely thrilling choice to play this new, younger incarnation of the most infamous King ever to rule Great Britain,” says Showtime Entertainment President Robert Greenblatt. “As a producer of ‘Elvis,’ I had the chance to get to know Jonathan and see him craft a performance of a character that many doubted could be honestly or sensitively portrayed.”
Greenblatt adds, “He is one of the most talented rising film stars working today and his desire to do this series in the midst of his movie career catching fire is indicative of that great U.K. tradition where actors sign on to projects that they fall in love with.”

Showtime is aiming for a 2007 premiere for “The Tudors.”

Filming will begin after the filming of “August Rush” in Dublin, Ireland. Jonathan has signed on for at least 3 seasons of the show, which is a typical television show contract. Showtime is a cable station in the US and has so far ordered 10 episodes of the series for a premiere in 2007. It is not known if Showtime will sell the series overseas. And lastly, the February issue of Spin Magazine has a 2 page feature on Jonathan.

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  1. teddyg says
    19 August 06 at 2:21pm

    i am playing an extra in dis show and i cant wait!

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