The Tesseract hitting festivals

“Prozac Nation” and “The Lion in Winter” are now out on DVD in Russia. First Look Home Entertainment no longer holds the rights to “The Tesseract” and has pushed back “Octane” for a mid-July release (thanks to Caroline for this new info). “The Tesseract” is making the film festival rounds. It recently screened at the Palm Springs International Film Festival and is scheduled to be part of the Method Fest. That festival will be held in Burbank, California during the week of April 2-8. You can now view a trailer for “The Tesseract” at the Japanese official website. Jonathan will be in Japan at the end of this month for promotion for the film. The premiere is not yet set but will be towards the end of May or beginning of June in Tokyo.

Lastly, for those trying to track down Homme Numéro, you can purchase a copy online (thanks Daisy). It helps to know some French.

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