Elle, December 2003

In Octane, Irish actor-cum-stud Jonathan Rhys-Meyers (Bend it Like Beckham, Velvet Goldmine), plays The Father, the leader of a cult that preys on Nat Wilson (Mischa).

Bijou claims that she introduced you to mojitos.
She did, yeah. And also to black eyes. She gave me a black eye the night before I left.

What? Why?
Because I didn’t fancy her. She’s a total little minx. And I want you to print that — that I didn’t fancy her and that’s why she gave me a black eye. She’s a bit volatile, our young Bijou, but incredibly talented and an extraordinary girl.

She’s also incredibly sweet and polite, too.
And she’s sexy and beautiful and dangerous. She’s a great person to hang out with. But at the same time, if she ever came to Ireland she’d leave in a box. She’s much safer in the USA, they nurture that a lot more.

Blimey. What about the rest of the Octane cast?
Leo Gregory? He’s the absolute fucking business to hang out with. Norman Reedus is always asleep. Mischa Barton? Jaysus, she’s so beautiful, she broke my heart. I love the little gap between her teeth…

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