Bend It Like Beckham

New role as Cassander

Jonathan has accepted the role of Cassander in Oliver Stone’s upcoming project “Alexander”. Rehearsals start late August in Morocco. Filming has just wrapped on “Vanity Fair”, a day past his birthday. And while Jonathan has been invited to attend the premiere of “The Tesseract” in Japan, time may not permit him to attend.

“Bend It Like Beckham” recently won for Best Sports Movie at the 11th annual ESPY Awards. You may have noticed more ads on TV lately for the movie… after all this time in limited release (it was first released in a handful of theatres in the US back in March!) Fox Searchlight is releasing “Bend It Like Beckham” in wider release on August 1. It should be hitting more theatres then ever before. It’s already made over $26 million at the US box office with an over $39 million overseas gross. Getting a wide release after so long means Fox has faith this movie can reach an even larger audience.

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