Really, I Want to Read You A Story
Daily Express, September 21, 2002

When Bend It Like Beckham star Jonathan Rhys Meyers left a message on radio producer Seamus Hosey’s phone asking him to give him a ring, Hosey thought it was a “complete wind-up”.

But after a few probing questions he quickly realised that the voice on the other end of the phone line was indeed Jonathan’s.

The 25-year-old Irish actor–voted the 34th sexiest man in the world by Cosmopolitan readers–was at home in Cork between roles when he rang Hosey to ask if he could take part in The Book on One on RTE Radio.

There was no way Hosey could say no to such an offer. “It’s not every day you have a top Hollywood actor ring you up,” he said. Within days the star, who first found fame as Michael Collin’s “beautiful assassin” in Neil Jordan’s film, flew in specially from London for the day to record five short stories from his favourite author Saki.

The author was famous for breaking the rules of stuffy Edwardian England, something Jonathan first admired when he was just 12 years old.

Even though the James Dean lookalike has acted in 19 films to date with many of the greats of the silver screen from Anthony Hopkins to Ewan McGregor, RTE producer Hosey found the star “very open to direction and extremely professional to work with”. Hosey joked: “He definitely has a voice for radio.” But Jonathan hardly has what you would call a great face for radio. Tipped by Neil Jordan as the next Tom Cruise, his attractive features have never been more in demand.

He is currently finishing a film in London before jetting off to star in The Last Unicorn with Mia Farrow and Christopher Lee.

But it is rumours of his on-off relationship with Irish model Cha Cha Seigne that are making all the headlines.

One UK tabloid caught wind of Jonathan’s radio debut, ringing RTE to find out if it was true that Saki was the star’s new lover.

“I could only laugh,” Hosey said. The long-dead English author would surely have laughed too.

Special thanks to Kelly for transcribing this article.

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