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Thanks to Alec for passing along this little tidbit about “Octane”, from the Sunday Mirror (warning, this does contain a minor spoiler):

Role to Get Teeth Into
August 11, 2002

by Polly Graham

IRISH actors Patrick O’Kane and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers have definitely got a blood lust – in their new film roles that is.

Patrick, who has starred in EastEnders, joined forces with Bend It Like Beckham lead Jonathan to film a new psychological thriller called Octane in Luxembourg.

The film also stars Hollywood actress Madeleine Stowe, best remembered for her role in Last Of The Mohicans.

Patrick told 24/7: “Octane is a road movie with a twist – it’s a psychological thriller with Jonathan and me as members of a bloodthirsty and semi-vampiric cult.

“We’d a great laugh shooting it and going to Luxembourg made a nice change from Belfast and Dublin.”

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