Possible reason for Prozac Nation delay

Some rumors going around that “Bend It Like Beckham” will have a late 2002 US release date. We can only hope. Apparently, “Tangled” is going to be released in France May 15th under the title “Love Trouble”. “Tangled” may also be hitting Canadian theatres in mid July.

Wonder why “Prozac Nation” was pushed back? According to an article in the Calgary Sun (thanks to The Williams Center for this link), the movie release date was pushed back because of comments made by Elizabeth Wurtzel, the author of the book the film is based on:

Ricci needs Prozac
by Louis B. Hobson
Calgary Sun
… but she?ll have to live without it until December

Christina Ricci is feeling at odds with herself. Ricci is both the producer and star of the movie Prozac Nation, based on the autobiography of former drug addict ? and admitted manic depressive ? Elizabeth Wurtzel.

Ricci the actor wants the film in theatres right away. Ricci the producer is putting it on the shelf. The film, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last September, was scheduled for release this spring but has been delayed until December.

“In interviews earlier this year for her new book More, Now, Again: A Memoir Of Addiction, Elizabeth made some disparaging remarks about September 11. We now have to distance ourselves as far as possible from this controversy,” explained Ricci at the recent 17th annual Independent Spirit Awards, where she was a presenter.

In a January interview, Wurtzel said she felt “everyone was overreacting” and added she “had not the slightest emotional reaction” to the bombing of the World Trade Center towers, which were just blocks from her own apartment.

Ricci says the new game plan for Prozac Nation is “to open it in New York and Los Angeles in December and then roll it out wider in January, 2003. As a producer I know this is the right move but as an actress I just want people to see it. I want it out there in theatres right now. It?s absolutely the hardest thing I?ve ever done. There were only five days on the whole shoot when I didn?t have to cry or break down.”

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