Jonathan wins the Canal Grande Award

“Bend It Like Beckham” has been getting a lot of press attention. The film recently had a big London premiere. Jonathan did attend the premiere (I’ve added some photos in the Gallery). You can find contests, goodies, reviews and more at BBC Online (you can see Jonathan arriving in a video on that site and he is interviewed at around 40 minutes into the one hour special) and at the film’s official website.

In other cool news, Jonathan was recently awarded the Canal Grande Award for the Best Young Promising Actor at the Venice International Television Festival 2002 for “The Magnificent Ambersons”. Jonathan attended the festival and received his award. Thanks to Alec and Ronan for passing this info along. The festival jury had this to say about awarding Jonathan with this honor: “For his compelling depiction of a young man who has had everything and who lost everything.”

Lastly, there is a full page photo (from the Instyle photo shoot, nothing new) and small article on Jonathan in the May 2002 issue of UK Glamour magazine. And more good news for those in the UK, “Tangled” has been released on DVD. Still no word of when this might come to the States. Apparently “Tangled” is also out in a few other countries as a rental.

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