The Magnificent Ambersons premieres soon

pre-order the DVD today! A&E is currently taking pre-orders for DVD and VHS box sets of “The Magnificent Ambersons”. The VHS set will available on January 14 while the DVD will be ready on January 24 (this could be a website mistake however). The DVD features cast bios, filmographies, and hopefully more extras. Both formats are $24.95 so if you want to save money but wait a little longer, you can try which is selling the VHS format for $22.26 and the DVD format for only $18.71 but both are listed to come out February 26 for some reason.

A&E has also finally put up a website for “The Magnificent Ambersons” with small images, a bio for Jonathan, and an interview with him (extended text interview from the Making of documentary). If you have not read the book or seen the original film, there are plenty of spoilers in some of the interviews. Gretchen Mol’s interview is definitely one to read. Here’s a little excerpt from it: “I have to say, Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Georgie is so perfect. Acting with him, he really brings me to life, I think.”

Don’t forgot that “The Magnificent Ambersons” will premiering on the A&E on Sunday, January 13 at 8 pm (7pm Central). It will also air on the 14, 17, 18, 19 and 20th. And if you missed “The Making of The Magnificent Ambersons”, it will be reairing on A&E, Jan. 6, 7, and 13. Check your local listings for times.

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