Knorr Soup Ad

Huge thanks to the wonderful alec757 for along the following information. It appears that Jonny’s first commercial, the infamous Knorr Soup advert, was shown again in Ireland.

From The People:

“You might not recognise them…but these young men are two of the biggest stars that Ireland has produced in recent years. One is the darling of British broadcasting who was recently offered millions to take his chat show to a rival station. And the other is a red-hot actor who can now command a fortune for his Hollywood movies. In case you haven’t guessed, they are top comic Graham Norton and Jonathan Rhys Meyers at the start of their glittering careers…

Jonathan, meanwhile, is seen tucking into a bowl of soup because, as few of his thousands of fans will know, he was the Knorr Soup Boy.

Jonathan later got his big break playing the young republican who shot dead Michael Collins in Neil Jordan’s film. He was soon snapped up by Hollywood to star as a rock star in Velvet Goldmine. Since then the 24-year-old actor has made more than a dozen back-to-back movies, including Prozac Nation with Addams Family star Christine Ricci, Ride With the Devil and Titus Andronicus with Anthony Hopkins. He won rave reviews for his role in the recent BBC TV series Gormenghast. And his latest coup will be starring in a Hollywood mini-series remake of the Orson Welles classic, The Magnificent Ambersons with screen beauty Madeline Stowe.

The soup advert was one of the first things the actor did after being kicked out of school at the age of 16. The advert was filmed in 1993 and showed a young girl bringing her boyfriend home to meet her parents. The meeting is not going well until the soup comes out… The stars’ early clips can be seen in tomorrow night’s Network 2 show, The Blizzard of Odd, at 10.45pm.”

LOAD-DATE: September 30, 2001

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  1. laney says
    21 August 06 at 11:46pm

    does anyone know where i might view this soup ad? you tube maybe?

  2. Anne says
    27 June 08 at 9:08am

    Where can I watch this spot???

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