Club Monaco pictures released!

Club Monaco has finally released their new fall/winter 2001 ad campaign on their site. And guess who is their star model? Take a look at their site to see plenty of gorgeous photos. Thank to k_czaplinska for alerting me about this.

Also, thanks to Nerd from the message board, SCI FI Wire is reporting the following:

Tony Todd told SCI FI Wire that he’ll be starring in Minotaur, a fantasy film based on the Greek myth about a supernatural creature that’s half bull and half man. Todd (Candyman) will star with Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Derek Jacobi; Jonathan English will direct, the actor said in an interview at the Fangoria convention in Pasadena, Calif.

“It’s … sort of Lord of the Flies, about a group of village kids who go searching for the mythological Minotaur, and they stumble upon my kingdom,” Todd said. “I play a demented king who’s into hedonism and sadism. I control the Minotaur. It parallels modern society. It starts shooting on Oct. 15, six weeks in Wales and London at the legendary Pinewood Studios. I’m really looking forward to it, because I like going out of this country and working.”

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